The Health connections is a website dedicated to improving people's health by equipping them with the best information on health, how prevent diseases, how to manage different diseases and the best available treatment options in both developed and developing countries.

We break down that complex health information and make it understandable by a two year old. We believe everybody has a right to understand what is happening to their body so as to take quick action to either prevent, manage or treat whatever is ailing them. We are always  gathering the latest information on health and relaying it to the general public.

The  health connections team is lead by Dr Njoroge Mathu, a pharmacist who has great interest in preventive health, and a specialist in clinical pharmacy. Dr mathu believes in holistic treatment of a disease. He believes that a disease  does not only affect the physical being but also mind and soul. He gained this experience after working in Mathari mental and psychiatry referral hospital in Kenya.

We believe that disease does not only affects the patient, but also the whole community and should be avoided as much as possible through healthy living. Stay conncted with us and you will be assured of good health.