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A baby boy is very much wished for in many communities around the world. People feel secure having a boy in their family no matter how small the boy is. In the African traditions, a boy is seen as a child who will take care of his parents when they are old. People have always felt that a girl will one day get married and leave the place for good.

In some places like Asian countries, baby girls were aborted before birth or killed or thrown away after birth. In Africa, a woman was not considered to have had a child until the day she gets a baby boy. The husband could  end up marrying several wives in search for a boy.

We have always looked for ways predicting with certainty that they will get a baby boy, some being myths while some theories hold some scientific facts.

Let’s first look at what makes a boy. A boy is made up of X and Y chromosomes while a girl is made up of  XX. During fertilization, the mother contributes X while the father contributes X or Y. therefore the father determines the sex of the child. Stop marrying another wife, you failed your part.

The chances of you getting a boy or a girl are 50/50 though practically, the chances of getting a girl are much higher. This is evident from the fact that we have more women in natural population than men.

So, why is this so? The answer lies in the survivability of sperms containing X chromosomes. Sperm cells carrying X chromosomes survive longer in the female genital tract than the ones containing Y chromosomes.

The Y chromosomes on the other hand are hard are smaller and very swift. They swim and very high speeds compared to X. Therefore when an egg is ready sperm cells are available then chances of getting a boy are very high.

Having known that, we can now focus on ways of taking advantage Y chromosome sperm and get a baby boy. This can be done by availing sperms within 24 hours the egg is released from the ovaries and deposit the sperm to the egg as close as possible.

Below are the methods that have been described as giving high chances of getting a baby boy.

Using the Shettles Method

In this method, we start by determining the mother’s ovulation date. The ovulation date is usually the day in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Please note that the cycle is calculated from day one of the periods. If a mother’s cycle goes for 30 days, then day 15 is the ovulation day again note that we are note using the Gregorian calendar (normal calendar) but the woman’s biological calendar.

Having sex close to ovulation increases the chances of conceiving a boy. This means having sex less than a day to ovulation. For a 30 days cycle, a few hours after fourteenth day.

When a woman is ovulating, there are some observable signs as stated below.

  • On observing the cervical mucus each day, right before ovulation, the mucus becomes elastic and watery, similar in consistency to a raw egg white. It is recommended that cervical mucus be charted for at least a month prior to conception.
  • Just before ovulation, the body temperature increases by about 1-2 degrees. It is advisable to take body temperatures at least from day 10 and keep track of the changes. Body temperature should be monitored for two months. On the third month, a record of body temperature is available and the couple should have sex just at the spike.
  •  Use an ovulation predictor kit. These kits, which are available at most pharmacies when the body releases luteinizing hormone (LH) prior to ovulation. LH is the hormone that stimulates maturation and release of the egg. To catch the LH surge as soon as possible, it is recommended that testing be done twice a day, preferably between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. for the first test and between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. for the second test. These kits test LH in urine. The couple should have sex during the surge.

The father’s input.

The above concentrates on the woman part. There are things the man needs to do to increase the chances of getting a boy. This is done mostly by increasing sperm count.

The man should abstain from ejaculation for 2-5 before ovulation. This will increase the number of mature sperm cells and ejaculate volume.

 Wear loose boxers that do not overheat the testes. Sperm cells form well at lower temperatures and it is no by accident that testes are located outside the body, it’s by design. The man should stay away from high temperatures like hot showers and tubs and stop placing a laptop on his lap. Have   At much higher temperatures, X sperms survive more than Y.

Avoid alcohol and smoking. These products affect spermatogenesis negatively.

Having done that you  should have sex between less than 24 hors to ovulation and 12 hours after ovulation.


When having sex, use the position that allows deepest penetration. This allows the sperm cells to be deposited as close to the egg as possible. In most cases, rear position is the best.

Sperms with Y chromosomes can withstand alkaline environment unlike the X. to produce the alkaline environment in the female genital tract, the woman should orgasm before the man. It is argued that the female orgasm aids in pushing the sperm cells further.

Note, the above method has not been proved scientifically and one can only give it a chance.

Other methods.

Using the Ericsson Albumin Method

The sperm cells are separated using an albumin layer in a clinic. The method separates X and Y cell which are then injected into the mother by use of a syringe or directly deposited into the uterus using a catheter.

Using PGD with In-Vitro Fertilization

In this method, the woman is given fertility stimulating drug after which eggs are harvested and fertilized by the father’s sperm outside the woman’s. Because several eggs had been harvested, several fertilized eggs are available. The eggs are allowed to grow for some days until their sexes can be genetically determined. The egg male embryo is the implanted into the woman’s uterus. The chances are up to 99%. After implantation, the chances of the baby developing is 20-25%. However, this can be repeated.

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