Top 12 products for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin requires extra care as it is bound to react to the most unexpected products. The sensitivity occurs due to the over-reactivity of skin macrophages that release inflamatory mediators. Macrophages are white blood cells that “eat” any foreign materials that get into the body. In the process they release histamine that is required to further fight the foreign material. The problem with sensitive skin is that this mechanism is set at a higher level and therefore easily provoked.

Below are top most safe creams, ointments and lotions that are specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Aqueous cream

This is a mixture of hydrocarbons mostly petro-latum (petroleum jelly) and waxes with little amount of water form a water in oil (W/O) emulsion. This product is very safe. It is best for dry sensitive skin.  It is used as a vehicle in manufacture of pharmaceutical creams.

sensitive skin creamsensitive skin cream

Emulsifying ointment.

This is a mixture of hydrocarbons mostly petro-latum (petroleum jelly) and waxes with more amount of water form an oil in water (O/W) emulsion. This product is very good on a sensitive oily skin. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, it is used as a vehicle in ointments.

sensitive skin emulsifying ointsensitive skin emulsifying oin

Oilatum cream

 Oilatum cream is designed for the treatment of dry skin conditions including eczema, and is suitable for babies, children and adults. This cream contains no fragrant and therefore very safe. Oilatum is formulated for both children and adults. For children and babies, as for oilatum junior. Oilatum bar soap is also available.

sensitive skin sensitive skin oilatumsensitive skin oilatum junior

Physiogel cream and lotion

These are available as Physiogel AI lotion, cream, hypoallaergenic cream. The creams are good for dry skins while lotions are best for oily skins. As a general rule, creams are oilier than ointments. Lotions are the least oily and are liquids. So physiogel takes care of both oily and dry skin.

sensitive skin sensitive skin physiogel

E45 cream and lotion

E45 cream is for dry sensitive skin while the lotion is for oily skin. This product is safe to use in babies and children.

sensitive skin sensitive skin E45 creamsensitive skin E45

Hamilton cream and lotion.

This product is also formulated to target dry and oily skin. Here two products are described

Hamilton Skin Therapy Lotion
A light, non-greasy daily moisturiser that leaves the skin hydrated to help prevent and relieve dry skin.

  • Free from all sulphates, fragrances, propylene glycol and lanolin
  • Light all over moisturiser with Vitamin E
  • Non-greasy, suitable for the face and body
  • Ideal for the whole family including babies

Hamilton Skin Therapy Cream
Contains 10% urea to deeply moisturise the driest skin. Urea protects from dehydration by improving the skin’s capacity to retain water. It’s ideal for thickened, very dry skin on elbows, knees and heels.

  • Intense moisturiser suitable for the face and body
  • Free from all sulphates, fragrances, propylene glycol and lanolin
  • Ideal for the whole family including babies

sensitive skin hamilton creamsensitive skin hamilton cream


This is an antiseptic cream mainly for babies. It takes care of nappy rash and eczema. It is also good for adult’s sensitive skin.

sensitive skin sudocrem


This is a range of products for all types of skin.

sensitive skin sebamedsensitive skin sebamed

Aveeno eczema therapy.

This is a cream that sooths and treats allergic skin.

sensitive skin aveeno


The company has a range of products for sensitive skin. The products contain cream base and other ingredients that takes care of sensitive skin.

sensitive skin neutrogena


Organic Doctor Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream

Manuka Honey’s wonderful properties make it a powerful and effective ingredient in skincare products. As a moisturizer it restores and hydrates dry, cracked and damaged skin enhancing natural cell regeneration and improving skin tone, creating younger and softer looking skin. Manuka Honey also nourishes and revitalizes the scalp and helps in maintaining healthy looking hair.

sensitive skin dr organic

Jargen’s moisture fragrance free moisturizer

  • Smoothes rough, dry skin. With a unique illuminating HYDRALUCENCE blend and Silk Proteins.
  • Provides continuous multi-layer moisture to smooth skin and improve its tone, texture, and luminosity.
  • Locks in moisture for up to 24 hours.

sensitive skin jargen

The author does not endorse any of the above products. Get advice from a dermatologist on how to take care of you sensitive skin. The above are just a suggestion from the author’s work experience.

Product formulated for babies are usually skin friendly. Any cream with "baby care" on it will be great for your skin.

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