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We must all admit, both men and women that nice pretty breasts are a gift to the human race.  Babies feel at peace when suckling beautiful breasts. They make them feel calm.

"It is  not quantity of the milk I get, but the quality of the jars. If the jars are quality, the milk is quality. I keep on coming back for more." A baby said that one day.

Women with pretty breasts feel more beautiful walking around leaving every man with an open mouth. This confidence makes them perform better in life. pretty breasts are also more comfortable carrying around and leaves one less tired at the end of the day.

The men are the most distracted by the jars. Once they see something they like all the brain shifts to the location. There is now a very new approach to this connection.Scientists now believe that the primary biological function of breasts is to make males stupid. Am still investigating on this but there are very high chances of it being true.

Doctors have made great steps in the breast science  in keeping them beautiful for all to be happy. The babies, the women and the men. I therefore say, a beautiful breast society is a happy society.

We can therefore admit that pretty breasts is what everybody wants and therefore it is the role of every human being to participate towards maintaining this natural beauty.  Infact, some schools of thought are investigating on how this beauty can tackle global warming.

Having said all that, what are the role of female breasts?

The major role is to feed and assure perpetuation of the human race through so many ways. So far breast milk is the safest food a baby can take and be assured of high survival rate. This is because apart from the food part, The milk also contains antibodies that help fight diseases. The baby is very oblivious of all the diseases the new environment can cause and the breast being aware and experienced, it produces exactly what the baby needs to survive.

Female breasts are one of the secondary sexual traits that attract male attention and influence male judgments of attractiveness. Several characteristics may affect breast attractiveness, such as shape, asymmetry, areola size and pigmentation, but size is one of the most visible and possibly most “eye-catching,” especially in cultures where clothing conceals breast shape. When talking of size, the description is relative and depends on individual preferences but generally medium sized breasts attract more men as compared to very small or very large. This happens in all normal distribution curves with the highest number in the middle and lowest in the extremes.

How do men choose breasts size?

Many people ague that men are attracted to brain more than the breast size. Well that is agreeable with but we should have in mind that the brain is locked up in the skull and not exposed for everybody to see. A man has to see a feature he likes so before going to explore the intricate brain. Men are more visual. 

We are going to classify depending on socioeconomic background, food satiety, and willingness to father as these have a major psychological role on how  men choose breast size. All the classification is based on the men psychology  of “resource security.”  One view on human female breast size is that it may act as a signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources.

socioeconomic background.

In experiment to explore the relationship between financial security and men's preferences in breast size, 266 men in Malaysia were recruited. These participants were shown a series of five animated female figures that varied only in terms of of breast size, and then rated them for physical attractiveness on a five-point scale.  The results were that;

  • The men from the low socioeconomic background rated bigger breasts as more attractive than did men from the medium socioeconomic background. 
  • Men from high socioeconomic background liked smaller breasts.

food satiety.

In a second experiment, the researchers compared the breast size ratings of 66 hungry versus 58 satiated male university students to test whether food security impacted their preferences.

They were  presented with the same animated series of female figures that was used in the previous experiment, and the results were that hungry men preferred larger breasts.

willingness to father.

In an online study, 67 straight college men were first asked to reveal their willingness to be fathers.  They were then shown line drawings of a woman, featuring a frontal view.  These drawings were equipped with clickable “sliders” so that the men could adjust the woman's breast, waist, and hip proportions. Participants were instructed to manipulate the woman's figure so that it “matched their 'absolute ideal' (most arousing) for a sexual partner.”   Men who wished to remain child-free preferred smaller breasts.

However the men's preference for breast size is determined by a combination of factors which includes race and ethnicity. 

Now back to our topic on maintaining beautiful breasts.

The best is to give the breasts optimum physical support to avoid overstretching the suspensory ligaments

  • Wear a bra and keep your body straight.
  • Dont wear too tight clothes that squeeze the breasts too much.
  • A cold shower tightens the breasts and make them firm.
  • Swimming  enlarges the pectoral muscles which in turn pushes the breasts and makes them more attractive.

swimming keeps a woman's breasts beautiful

  • Use moisturizing ointments and lotions. these keep the skin hydrated, removes wrinkles and make the breasts more beautiful.
  • Push up bras keeps the breasts in a good shape and therefore more beautiful.  The push up bras are made up of special technique which will provide support from all angles and keep your breast firm and healthy. 
  • Always keep and upright sitting and standing position to avoid overstraining your back and the breasts.
  • Massage improve blood circulation


exercise that increase breast size

exercise that increase breast size


exercise that increase breast size

exercise that reduce breast size







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