Safe days, a family planning method.

Safe days are days in the menstrual cycle when conception cannot occur even after unprotected sex.

Infact the days are so many if partners can accurately keep track of the menstrual cycle well.

85-90% of the menstrual cycle days are safe, too good to be true?

In the following section we will look at the human menstrual cycle and exactly what is happening

The human menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle starts from day one of the periods. The first day the woman sees her menstrual flow is the first day of her cycle.

During the flow, the body is expelling the egg that was not fertilized in the last cycle.(some people call it last season).

Why the flow then? In preparation for pregnancy, the uterine(womb) walls are lined with tissue(meat in layman language) and blood vessels to provide a conducive and supportive environment for the fertilized egg to grow.

The flow occurs because the lining is being sloughed of due to lack of supportive hormone(progesterone)

Normal flow goes for three to five days. As you can see the period days are very safe.

The menstrual cycle can be divided into two phases;

The follicular phase.

At this phase an immature egg(dominant follicle) is randomly picked in the ovaries and nurtured so as to become a mature egg.

During this phase  of the menstrual cycle, the inner uterine walls(endometrium) thickens under the influence  of  increasing  levels  of  estrogen . At around day thirteen(13) estrogen levels in blood reach maximum and triggers a hormone (lutenizing hormone).

This hormone causes the egg to mature and be released in the mid cycle which is day 14 to day 15
The releasing of the egg is called ovulation.

During ovulation, the body temperature raises by about one degree Celsius and at this time women are more willing to make love and sometimes they even try to initiate the act.

The rise in body temperature occurs but willingness to make love is still debatablesmiley and its upon the reader to study the truthfulness.

The luteal phase

After ovulation the levels of progesterone rises and there is further thickening of the inner uterine wall for about a week.

The levels of progesterone remains high for another week, meaning the body has high progesterone levels for two weeks.

If the egg was not fertilized, the uterine wall sloughs off and there is menstrual flow.

Points to note

  • A normal cycle takes between 21 to 34 days.
  • Days are counted from day 1 of menstrual flow,
  • Ovulation take place in the mid cycle. During midcycle, fertilization will take place if sperm cell are available.
  • Even though there are about two fertile days, we always count six to minimize errors.

menstrual cycle

signs that you are ovulating

These vary from woman to woman but there can be the general signs at at least a woman will feel Theses sign are very important  as they can help you decide whether its the perfect time to get pregnant or to avoid unsafe sex like plague.

Change in basal body temperature.

Sounds nice? Well the body temperature rises by about one degree Celsius

why body temperature increases during ovulation

Rise in temperature occurs due ovaries' reacting to the rapture during ovulation. It is some form of injury and as usual the body reacts by releasing chemicals that increases body temperature.

Change in cervical mucus.

During ovulation, cervical fluid increases  to higher levels than normal. The reason can only be guessed….

Change in cervical position and and firmness.

The cervical becomes high(arched) soft and wet. This may be may be to facilitate easy mating.

Other signs

  • Breast tenderness(slighttly painful breast)
  • High sex drive
  • Slight cramping or pain one one side of the pelvis because the ovaries have raptured.
  • very little spotting.

Watch this video 

To sammarize, midcycle is the most fertile days.

Women cannot get pregnant during menstruation

We hope you will be able to calculate your safe days….






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